Our blog can offer you many interesting facts, useful pieces of advice and helpful tutorials that will be of use for decoration. We take pride in the number of spheres and topic we cover.

Our Main Topics and Sections

  • Theoretical fundament.
    It’s crucial to understand how to use natural or artificial lighting to improve your house’s appeal. Knowing what style to choose and how to maximize its benefits for your house, you’ll find all of that in theoretical parts.
  • DIY section.
    We try to help you save some money during your décor process. It’s fairly easy to do some things yourself instead of getting more expensive versions from a store. It’s also more fun! Here we share our stories and guides on how to make your house better using your hands only!
  • Eco-decor.
    Saving our planet and changing our future is our moral duty. A lot of décor materials are bad for nature, so find out how to make your house shiny and lovely using safe eco materials that don’t cause any harm!
  • Holiday and seasonal decoration.
    Festive decoration is one of our favorites! It’s always important to boost your Christmas or Halloween spirit with bright and colorful things! You’ll find tons of recommendations and tips on how to make your house better!
  • Switch and move.
    Here we’ll explain how you can make your place more spacious and maximize the existing space without efforts.
  • Choosing colors and materials.
    This is an important rubric, where you can learn how to choose colors to make any room look better and which materials will cost you less, but serve longer.

What Makes Us Different

It’s also crucial for us to provide you that information in a friendly way. We try to personalize our posts for readers, as we understand that many people can’t simply pay a lot for some things, or find super rare items in their local stores.

We also try to encourage you to be risky and optimistic and always try new things. It’s boring to decorate your house the same way you always do. We believe that changing the atmosphere can bring light and life to your place.

We try to be open for discussion and for our readers. It’s crucial for us to embrace your ideas and thoughts, give you a piece of advice when needed and create that warm feeling of community. So the thing that makes us really different from all of those blogs you find is that we care about you and your house and each successful project of yours is our victory!

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