How to Create Hygge: Taking Danish Cozy Style Further

Hygge is probably one of the most famous concepts in décor and design now and there are good reasons for it! Danish concept is not strictly related to architecture or design, it’s a universal life idea. Hygge calls people to embrace coziness, life a happy balanced life and take it all easy.

All of those pieces are also a part of traditional Danish design, which many people around the world are now trying to recreate. Indeed, a “hygge house” will be a place of comfort, a serene shelter for you and your family. However, you have to learn to create that magic hygge first.

    • Buy more candles.
      The whole thing with candles is the calmness they create. Looking at the fire, watching it dancing, flickering, throwing shadows onto your walls, you can’t go more hygge than that! It doesn’t matter if you choose scented candles or not, however, those smelly things can help you feel better.
    • Keep it simple.
      There is no general rule for creating a hygge atmosphere in your place, but for sure you have to forget bright colors. Try to go with something monochrome, pale, just subtle shades will be fine. The same will refer to candles, don’t invest in those bright red-green colors, rather choose white, gray, navy blue.
    • Think about texture.
      What do you really want to see on your sofa? You should try to add more texture to your interior, something knit or fluffy, woolen or furry. Don’t mix everything up and don’t get one of a kind for different items. Layered accessories are also trending now. If you want to learn to use layers smartly, understand how do Japanese do it!
    • Change your bed.
      What comes to your mind when you think about luxurious things? Gold and diamonds? Wrong. People who have more time, to stay in bed, to read a book and talk to your spouse, to eat your breakfast in bed – those know luxury. Try to transform your boring sheets into something cozy, so you feel like a bird in a nest in your bedroom.
    • Move your sofa to a window.
      Or actually, you can move your table and a chair. You have to create a small “retreat” place, where you can stay alone, untouched and undisturbed. Usually, that’s a place next to a window, so you can enjoy the view too.
    • Think about using fire.
      Real fire in your living room! Of course, that’s a more expensive option but think about it if you’re planning to redecorate and change everything.
    • Transform your dining.
      A room where you eat shouldn’t be formal, traditional or boring. It also shouldn’t be full of unnecessary things. Try to create a clean place, then make it with an idea in mind that your room will be for your friends and family. Hygge is a bottle of good wine, cozy chairs and cushions, warm conversations and of course pale, monochrome dishes!
    • Reduce your clutter.
      This is another core concept of hygge. Your little things that are supposed to add comfort to a place can seriously add mess, so try to change it and reduce the items visible. You can get more storage bags and hide everything that way.

  • Clean up outside.
    If you really want to embrace hygge, remember that you also have to clean up everything outside. No one wants to sit with a cup of hot tea and see garbage and debris outside.
  • Invest in loungewear.
    You also have to feel comfortable at home, walking around and doing things. The best way to do it is to get comfy and beautiful loungewear. Get rid of those old t-shirts and pants!

And one more thing… remember that hygge is mostly in your head and your habits. Buying a nice cup won’t help if you don’t take some time to really enjoy your coffee. So won’t beautiful loungewear if you never enjoy its coziness and nice texture. Change your habits and learn to embrace life.

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